Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nurses and Dominant Legs

Every time I go to the Red Palace I am reminded why it is one of my favorite DC venues. It's a bitch to get to if you are carless (like yours truly), but so worth whatever effort you must make to get there. The beer is cheap, the selection is good, the bartenders are nice, and sometimes you get to see things like The Big Lebowski while hanging out between sets. 

And that's just the booze. 

In addition, the set up is perfect for either a low key night with a mild and unpacked house or a filled to the brim rager. The sound is high quality (not great, but usually very good), the stage is propped up high so you can see no matter where you stand (with the exception of tall people directly in front of you), and the bands they attract are always good, and sometimes great.  

Last night was no exception. While we sadly missed the opener Dinosaur Feathers, we got there just in time to settle in and watch Nurses set up. This little three-piece from Portland, OR is awesome. They have a blend of sound that rivals Animal Collective, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and maybe even a little Wolf Parade. Plus the lead singer looks like a Hipster version of Tim Roth.  

They played a nice full set, mostly complied of songs from their new record Dracula, which I didn't mind at all. They are great live, and seem to have a lot of potential to grow their sound into something truly new. I'm pretty judgy when it comes to bands that steal each others sound, but its getting harder and harder to sound like an original, and I have hope for these guys. They are really talented and catchy! The West Coast sound is starting to steal my jam sessions almost exclusively, with lead singer-drummers coming in a close second.

Dominant Legs was the headliner, though I must say I enjoyed Nurses more. DL originally began as a twosome, and has sense expanded into a foursome, which sadly still needs to grow some legs. Their sound is choppy, the drummer is too aggressive, and the new songs aren't all that new. Overall, I enjoyed watching them play (and my friend enjoyed the legs of the singer/keyboardist - dominant indeed), but I would have liked to close the night with Nurses. Maybe next time they will headline, I have a feeling it is in their future.