Monday, November 28, 2011

The Golden Age

For W.B.

All I know is that
There were rumors he was into field hockey players
There were Rumours.

I guess they're more for Gold Dust Wom[e]n
they know how to pick up the pieces and go home
in time to see the Jigsaw Falling Into Place.

Oh, Stop Breaking Down -
Oh! You Pretty Thing!
Find The Book of Love and read it to me
I hear it's supposed to be long
and boring.

But I love it when you sing to me.
If You Want to Sing Out, sing out!
It's easy.
It's So Easy.
          Please Me.

I know you're no good, Heartbreaker.
Dream maker, love taker.
You don't have to go away.
Baby Please Don't Go
(and I Feel Fine).

Well, tell your mom, "I'm stuck on this lovely girl".
And that Maybe I'm Amazed.
And that Possibly Maybe,
Probably maybe, I am Feeling Myself Disintegrate.
In The End,
the love you take is equal to the love you make.