Friday, August 31, 2012

"Real Talk" - Talk Hard

I am obsessed with this song. "Real Talk" is making me want to Talk Hard.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Preparing to Break Up With 'Breaking Bad'

With a premise built on terminal cancer, rampant drug abuse, violence, and constant emotional distress, you might wonder how 'Breaking Bad' has managed to take over my TV as one of the most impressive and depressive shows on cable today. There are times I am so shocked by the way the plot moves that I literally gasp, cover my eyes, and start trying to figure out a way to forget that I ever heard the name "Walter White". Other times I find myself feeling so sorry for Jesse Pinkman that I want to take him out of the pit of despair he lives in, make him a nice warm meal, give him a hug, and tell him I love him.

Yep, I'm in that deep.

The smart writing and tricky camera work force the actors to climb out of their comfort zone and find a place to land that is more often than not just as desperate and desolate as the desert they spend their days in. As a Southerner who spent most of my life in the mountains, that landscape and mind frame sound hot and uncomfortable, kind of like a really bad date at a theme park.

Sadly, this is not the first time I managed to fall for the bad boy - in this case we are talking TV Land in which the "bad boy" is a mean, mad anti-hero and his sweet, sad sidekick. I can’t stop watching it, even though instead of streaming it on Netflix as part of my bundle, I am forced to buy this last season online just to keep up. Even ‘Mad Men’ didn’t hook me that hard! Don’t get me wrong, it did its damage alongside other high-drama shows such as ‘Six Feet Under’ and “The Wire’ which sucked me into their twisted worlds and made mush of my heart. Though unlike those heavy hitters, where I felt like I went through a horrible break up every season, and especially when the show ended, I am ready for this one.

I love it, and I can’t get enough, but when I get to the season finale of 'Breaking Bad', I will be ready to hear the words, "It's not you it's me", and this time, I will actually believe them. Besides, I know we will still be friends; I’ve bought them all on iTunes.