Thursday, October 25, 2012

Inspired - Radiohead

Stereogum continues to impress me all the time. This just in, a Count Down of favorites from all the Radiohead Albums, is majorly inspiring for a lowly music blogger like myself. Writer Doug Moore lets all the cats out of their respective bags in this long, engulfing review of the Radiohead catalog. I applaud him for dedicating his brain space and music taste to get through it all, even if the reader has to maneuver through many links and some fancy web work by his employer.

I won't copy him (this time), and I wasn't surprised by most of what he had to say in terms of the actual reviews, but I like the passion behind it. My favorite Radiohead album? Man. It used to be OK Computer, but slowly, deeply, (like a nice, sweet fuck) In Rainbows has snuck in and stolen my heart as favorite. 

If only finding a man were that simple.

In Rainbows brings together all the things I love most about Radiohead. Hard guitar rips and sharp electronic sound, gentle flat bass that makes you feel sexy, and obscure, sometimes inane lyrics, blended into loaded and longing love ballads. Sometimes I have no idea what you are talking about either, Thom. But I do know that many of my friends love this album too, and some of my favorite Radiohead songs ever are here. 

Whenever "Jigsaw Falling Into Place" kicks off, I can literally feel my eyes transform into what I can only describe as the personification of Come Fuck Me Heels. Come on and let it out. 

Anytime I make a Sad Panda mix, "Reckoner" manages to squeeze on there, even if it doesn't actually make me all that sad. It is just musically beautiful and feels like a hug. The Gnarls Barkley cover is pretty special too. 

To tell you the truth, "All I Need" and "House of Cards" are better contenders for the Sad Panda mix. The one that really gets my goat though, is "Nude". This song makes me feel like I'm riding down hill on my bike with my eyes closed, except not as dangerous. Or laying flat on my freshly-made bed with the sun peering through the windows splashing on my face. Earphones on, music up, smile on my face.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cheaper Than a Hot Dog With No Mustard

Some days there is absolutely nothing than can pull you out of a bad state of mind. You've just got a ride it out and hope that a four-finger whiskey pour from Some Bartender can help you out. That or a quickie. Or hell, just some good, old-fashioned wallowing if none of that is going to do it for you.

When I'm feeling blue, and I've finished up my self-pity party, have no chance of an orgasm in sight, and no funds for a heavy pour, I look to music to perk me up. I don't care if that's a cliche, because it's the fucking truth. To clarify, I'm talking about picking tunes to purposefully pull me out of the slump. So no old school favorites like Jeff Buckley or Modest Mouse, and no newer slow-jams that make you want to cry like Band of Horses or Grizzly Bear. No offense to those talented folks, but just sayin'.

In my humble opinion, the best way to climb out of the hate-yourself-hustle is to throw on Licence to Ill. Let me clear my throat! It is the musical version of the best movie ever. Tales of piracy; lessons in history; crafty, slutty girls (hell, any Girls); fights (for the right to Party); sleepless nights; constant references to White Castle and beer drinking; cocktail recipes; and all kinds of inside jokes that somehow manage to get funnier ever time. You can't help but feel better after spending a little time gettin' ill.

In case you need a little Rhymin' & Stealin' to get you in a better head space, get on this cool check. After you bust a move, I promise you will feel so much better.