Monday, February 8, 2016

I Slay, All Day.

In case you haven't heard, Beyonce has dropped her new single "Formation" and it kills. Slays. Blows your mind. Takes Queen Bey to the next level of ambassador for our generation. Fuck the Millennials; this woman goes hard.    

Last night, Beyonce brought the heat to the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, laying waste to side act Coldplay (who clearly did not get the memo to dress in theme colors - gold and black, bitches).  

Even Bruno Mars, who in his own right is a fun performer and great dancer, held no candle to the Queen. Between Beyonce's dramatic, baller entrance and the MJ-inspired dance off, I could hardly feel sorry for bland Chris Martin - he was witnessing true, unmatched talent happening. An inspiration to all of us hoping to put our mark on this world; even if it means saddling up to boring-ass white dudes to make it happen. 

Everyone was worried - yes, lord, worried - about how these two (ahem, three) super stars would join forces to make a halftime show to be remembered. Well, as the New Yorker pointed out, "Would [Beyonce] provide a necessary disruption at the Super Bowl, or would she temper her message for America’s sake? BeyoncĂ©, of course, was able to do both."

The masses have spoken, and already we have a "Bruno Mars and Beyonce ONLY" version of the half time show for you to see just how she made it happen.


She jumped right in, spiting lines from her new tune - no filter necessary. Bey commanded her ladies right into a male-dominated scene and turned it on its head. She's got hot sauce in her bag, like swag, guys! We can't even try to keep up. Outside the power she invoked during her performance, the song and video require even more attention from us. She blends riot gear vibes and Gucci sundries, dirty provocative lyrics, and casual yet dominant declarations such as "I just might be a black Bill Gates in the making." Through the sound, look, and lyrics, Beyonce manages to claim her star-power, her blackness, her femininity, and her Southernness all in one massive swoop. She can't say it enough, so neither will I, it slays

We need her and her message like we need someone with some damn sense to follow Barack Obama into office and continue to change the way we run this damn country. With people like Beyonce, who come to slay, who can dare to speak for us all while still speaking for themselves, we can only hope to keep trying to make things better. Look out for the haters too, they don't like to admit that we're the ones who really run the world (girls). Keep it up, Bey.