Thursday, December 20, 2012

Best Live Shows of 2012

I've been fortunate to see a lot of live music this year in New York City. Below is my list of Best Shows of 2012, in no particular order.

1.Geographer at The Bowery Ballroom

This band is supremely talented, especially the cello player. Seeing them live put some much needed texture to the music.

2. Menomena at The Music Hall of Williamsburg

I've been a fan of Menomena for a long time, but hadn't given the new album, Moms, much love until I saw they were coming to town. Great show, lots of energy, and I totally feel in love with Moms. So much so, that its on my best albums of the year list.

3. Diamond Rings at The Bowery Ballroom

Oh, so hilarious. This young Canadian star was so fun to see live. He wore all black under a variety of flashy blazers, and his band all wore sunglasses the whole time. I danced a lot at this show.

4. Why? at The Music Hall of Williamsburg

Man, I had no idea what to expect from Why? but they had a massive band including two drummers. This hip hop Indie band is fun, and Yoni wore the same shirt as in the video below.

5. Alt-J at The Bowery Ballroom

I had to see this band live because I became obsessed with their album, An Awesome Wave. It's actually my favorite album of the year, by far. This show was nerdy and British and really great. Check out the NPR Tiny Desk Concert, it is awesome.

6. The Rapture (first show) at The Music Hall of Williamsburg

I saw The Rapture twice this year, the first show being my favorite. Read my review of it here.

7. Beck at Governors Ball

I'm not much of a festival kind of gal, but I'd never seen Beck before, so I was most definitely in for the Governors Ball. Beck was AMAZING. He played with most of the band that helped him record Sea Change, and sounded incredible. By the time he played, my friend Kris and I had been at the show all day in the June heat, so the night was a great welcome. I couldn't have been happier to see Beck.

8. Phantogram at Governors Ball

I saw Phantogram at The Black Cat last year and kind of hated it, but I was deeply impressed by this show, and am so glad I got to see them with a drummer, it makes them so much better.

9. Fiona Apple at Governors Ball

She maybe crazy, but she was awesome live.

10. The Avett Brothers at Central Park

I mean, seriously! How could this not be on my top shows of the year? The Avett Brothers, who are guaranteed to play a great show, and live in Central Park!! So fun. I even got to see a guy propose to his gal in the crowd during "January Wedding". Even my black heart liked that.

11. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. at The Music Hall of Williamsburg

My friend Josh Epstein is always a pleasure to see live.