Monday, June 30, 2014

Personal Pop Culture Hell

If I were to end up in Hell, which is likely, considering I am a heathen who abandoned my Catholic faith, and has "sinned" unceremoniously for many, many years, my Personal Pop Culture version (as inspired by The A.V. Club) would include one of the following:

People talking loudly during a movie that I have been really excited about seeing in the theater, and/or at a concert that I'm trying to enjoy. I mean, seriously, why did you bother coming to this darkened room with a projection screen/live performance just to catch up about your ex boyfriend's stupidity? Go get drunk at home and talk about your problems with a nice, uninterrupted iTunes session or Netflix rerun. I will give you the sideways stare, or shush you with no regrets. If the Devil exists and has as little mercy as suspected, I wouldn't be able to even do that.