Wednesday, February 11, 2015

If You Want a Review: Father John Misty - 'I Love You, Honeybear'

If you want to discuss the difference between Josh Tillman and his alter-ego Father John Misty, Pitchfork will take you into the depths of that.

If you want to hear about how this album came together straight from the horse's mouth, DIY Mag covers that and then some before reining it in.

If you want to dig deep into the theories about why this album fucking works, Sterogum named I Love You, Honeybear album of the week.

If you are interested in a brief artist comparison to why we can so easily love this sophomore effort, Rolling Stone is your bag. Or if you want a more intense list of artistic influences, head over to Consequence of Sound. Dear god, even the NY Times casually reviewed this shit.

If you only care about how Tillman expounds on the theme of love, The Guardian sums it up glibly with, "He’s a prolific guy, Tillman."

If you want to know more about not just the theme, but the love itself and the idea to write about, go back to 2013 when Maxwell's was still open and Spin Magazine may have paid someone to get really fucking high.

If you are uncomfortable with intimacy in your lyrics, so is Billboard. (Pussies).

If you think it's too polished, unlike Fear Fun, Pop Matters suggests that he misses the grit, but I'd be remiss to agree.

If you want to get into the right head space to listen to it for the first time, please, PLEASE read Tim Showalter's review on The Talkhouse. Then you'll understand why "that iceberg is hilarious" and why this album is so goddamn amazing.

What ever you do, just listen to it, and then cry with me about the fact that both his shows in NYC are sold out.