Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Braid Your Hair, Take a Bath

Yeah, or just go see Braids open for Baths and you'll probably have a better time because that's what I did on Friday night at the Rock and Roll Hotel and it was awesome. Well... mostly. The crowd was decidedly young - which apparently I should have expected because Baths is a youngster too... don't be fooled by his tall, dark-haired, doe-eyed self (complete with Hipster-chic black glasses, oh yes), the kid is a 21 year-old LA native with nothing but creative time to kill. Which is a good thing, because his music is excellent.

A sexy blend of experimental, piano-infused, slide guitar-sounding mixes that make you want to simultaneously close your eyes and sway, dance a little, have another whiskey drink, and/or make out to.

No wonder the X-marked kids were doing almost all of the above for most of the show. I can't say I didn't enjoy a little making out later, but pu-lease.... in the middle of the floor of sold out show? I can be a real bitch if I want to, and red pants make me sassy... I may have thrown a few verbal punches mid-set.

Anyhoo... that being said, Baths made the madness worth it, and the opening band Braids totally met my expectations and then some. Despite the fact that the lead singer lost her voice just after the first song ("Lemonade") the four-top continued to trek through like real winners. She got my seal of approval for managing to still sound good (despite stopping several times for an apology to the crowd). This little Montreal set were a nice opening act, really calm and heart-warming. More on the range of "close your eyes and sway" then "fuck your boyfriend in public", though that didn't seem to stop the couple in front of me. Le sigh.  

Despite all that nonsense - you should check them out. Even The Washington Post enjoyed the show... and duly noted the flagrant group of DC's fledglings. As I prepare to turn 30 this year, I can only assume my annoyance of these show-goers will grow exponentially. Oh well, I'll keep trying to enjoy the music and forgo the hatred.

How un-Hipster of me.

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  1. I like what you did there: "the flagrant group of DC's fledglings."

    Keep wearing your sassy red pants, girl.