Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don't Try Too Hard Now

It's funny the things you notice whilst attending a show solo...It occurred to me, as I sat sipping my fucking oh-so-cool Jim Beam on the rocks, that it sure takes a lot of effort to look like you don't give a shit how you look. That is, unless you get a closer, more careful look. The devil's in the details after all, and these details, are not to be ignored.  For example, the pack of youngsters in front of me on Tuesday night assembled to see the Freelance Whales and Tokyo Police Club, some of which I think were members of either of those bands. I mean, it was The Black Cat, so this kind of crowd is generally expected, but still, sometimes it just makes me laugh. This blonde kid in front of me, had on what I like to call a "not outfit". The classics represented -  tight, dirty jeans, black ratty backpack, some kind of whatever white t-shirt, a green trucker hat and - wait for it- matching bright green top-siders (see previous post for how those have come into fashion in Hipster USA). Oh so perfect. That's the kind of detail I like to include in my outfit. By the way, I took the time to stop him and say, "You know, you're really cute," and, though I'm sure it made him smile inside that I said that to him, he sloshed by me, dropping a nonchalant, but ever confident, "thanks", that sounds more like, "well, duh".

There is no shortage of cute boys in this world, and in my experience, if someone wants to tell me they think I'm cute, stranger or not, I will take that compliment. For real.

The show was great. Local favs the Freelance Whales played a great opening set, showing off just how in the hell they pack in all that sound onto one little disk. They are, of course, appropriately adorned to cover all the Hipster basics... dude with the ridiculously large beard? Check. dude with the over-sized big rimmed glasses? Check. Solo chick in the band who is unbelievably pretty? Check. Guy in the Forest Gump running outfit? Umm, check? Yeah that was weird to me too, but what do I know, I planned my outfit too - my carefully determined  look  - appropriately fucking cute, but not too cute, these are Hipsters we're talking about, and nothing is sadder than a chick who tries too hard to not try hard at all.

It was a great kick off to the night, and though I knew I was going to spend a few awkward moments between seeing my ex, and my fuck buddy, (if nothing I am consistent in my taste!), I had a good time. The headliner, Tokyo Police Club, are a band I have seen before, actually many times, because they always have the best opening bands! Maybe it has to do with their own taste, or their record label or something, it doesn't really matter because they are a consistently good band, so that's always nice to see.

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