Friday, July 9, 2010

Skinny Jeans and Bear Hands

Ok, so I get it, Skinny Jeans are in. They are so in that it's hard not to see a pair a day somewhere. It's like a uniform. For instance, Wednesday night, the girls and I had a date night - beer, pizza and a movie - saw Eclipse. Oh the Twilight madness it did overcome... yeah... Even in that frakin' flick "Bella" wears Skinny Jeans. Of course, on her, she looks prepubescent, but whatever.

After the movie I went to see some local bands play, Vita Ruins (who I missed), True Womanhood (not bad, she dressed in SJs, though they were so tight I was pretty sure they were tights), and the Brooklyn-based headliner Bear Hands. Now, to be forewarned, I hadn't heard of the last two bands before, and according to the venue's (U Street Music Hall) website, this band is "a post-punk/experimental/indie rock act". One can only assume they will wear an assortment of clothing to fit that bill.

They did not disappoint - musically or costume-wise. Each boy (a few who could pass for cute) wore the aforementioned SJ Uniform, though apparently what is also "in" along with the tightness is a cropped style. No one told me that boat shoes are also big. I guess Vampire Weekend assured that trend, though my ex boyfriend wore them too, and he's from New Jersey, so maybe it's a Yankee thing? Well, I don't know, some North Carolina Coast folk wear them too... either way I think they're ugly, but that's just me.

Anyway, back to the band. The bass player was probably the best musician in the band, and maybe the cutest to boot - though I do have a thing for drummers, and he was dreamy. Tall dark and handsome (boat shoes be damned) and covered in tattoos. Makes me quiver just thinking about the ripples of ink climbing up his arms. I forgot how good a bass player can really be when it comes to making a solid band. He and the lead singer are clearly tight, because they were never off beat. He also played an extra set of standing drums - perhaps part of the "experimental" sound - a bit tribal in nature and alarmingly awakening. The lead guitar player was also very talented, though I'm pretty sure his long hair was just a mask for a thinning mop on top. The lead singer, skinny little thing!, had a great voice and a great guitar sound, and a nice stage presence - though he has quite possibly THE worst fashion sense I have ever seen. 

Picture this:

Skinny Jeans, light blue boat shoes, black T-shirt cut just so to look like a tank top you might see on a wrestler trying to show off his body, and a giant handkerchief around his neck. He apparently has recently lost some dreads by shaving his head, but it looks as if they might be violently trying to grow back. Despite that mad look in his eye, he's probably a really nice person. the drummer kept his head locked to the kit, and kept the beat right in time throughout the show. good for them, there were maybe 25 people there by the end of the night. It always breaks my heart a little to see bands come to town on a Wednesday night and not even make enough to cover the cost of the trip. I hope someone let them sleep on the floor at their place... I would have if I'd known they need a place to stay, I don't mind musicians around...

See, aren't they cute in that kind of grimy way?

Stands to reason that Hippies and Hipsters aren't all that different, man. Not to mention Punks. The only reason they're not Hippies is because they have too much rage. Hippies are supposed to be about peace and love, while  Punks are more into fucking shit up. That's sadly more my style. I won't deny that I do love. Deeply. Hmmm. What does that make me? Meh, screw the labels, let's just say I'm a fan of music, and I'm enjoying this new found band.

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