Monday, March 7, 2011

Middle Brother - Shoulda Coulda, Woulda...

I was going to go to the Middle Brother show last Wednesday at the 9:30 Club, but was feeling pretty run down after work and didn't rally in time to go. Now that I've read this Review by Erin McCann from the blog We Love DC that is AWESOME, I'm really kind bummed I didn't make it out.

Shame on me.

However, this week, starting Wednesday night, I will be seeing a show a night for 5 nights. Most of which are Merge bands, which you dear readers should all be well aware of my borderline stalking love affair with.

Wednesday - Say Hi @ Black Cat - First time seeing these guys. I have a feeling a certain someone I don't really care to see will be there, but meh, I plan to have fun, even if I have to forgo a guaranteed orgasm for it.
Thursday - Wild Flag @ Black Cat - Carrie Brownstein!! Portlandia! Sleater Kinney! Pathetic girl crush!
Friday - Wye Oak @ Black Cat - Sporting a new album, "Civilian" that RULES. This will be time # 2 seeing this youthful and talented duo at The Cat in fact.
Saturday - The Love Language/Telekinesis @ The Red Palace - I really like the Red Palace, and I adore The Love Language, so round 3 should be excellent. Telekinesis was a bit disappointing last time, so I am lowering my expectations and just hoping for a good time. Which should be had considering these guys have been touring together for most of the Winter.
Sunday - The Rural Alberta Advantage @ Rock n' Roll Hotel with my ladies... which is gonna be really fun I think, if I don't pass out from sheer show exhaustion. I vow to write a review of each of these show, if you promise to read them.

Screw you winter... I'm taking you out in STYLE. God life is good sometimes!

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