Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wild Flag

Un-fucking believable. Seriously. This powerhouse of these women is unstoppable! Ok, let me back up... I must first admit my ridiculous girl-crush on the fabulous Carrie Brownstein. 
GREAT review on DCist.
I literally can't help myself from being in complete awe of this woman. You may know her from one of the following:

1. Formerly, she shared a space on stage in the now-defunct Sleater Kinney with fellow Wild Flagger Janet Weiss
2. Wrote this amazing blog called Moniter Mix on NPR that I only wish I could be as cool to come up with.
3. Has managed to co-create the hilarious show Portlandia with comedian Fred Armisen.
I mean, really. Not to mention, you know that old saying that we are secretly all attracted to people who look like us? Well, we do kinda look eerily alike, you know, back when I had long hair. You think?

But Carrie is hardly the point of this post. The new super group, again supported by the great Merge Records, and proclaimed as what "the sound of an avalanche taking out a dolphin" would be like, Wild Flag is totally what we needed to shake things up around here. Joined by Mary Timony and Rebecca Cole, The Black Cat packed a crowd full of fans who completely enveloped the racing new sound of these magnificent ladies. Ripping rock back to its core, beating the drums to death, and managing to look fabulous is nothing short of the best time ever. 

Not to mention, I had just spent several hours of pre-show prep hanging with my own killer ladies getting a mad wine buzz on. If you're gonna come armed to a show... you better do it right. And boy did they do it right in return. Wild Flag rocked my Thursday night so wholly that I woke up Friday still buzzing with awe (or was that the wine?). I couldn't help but smirk at the madness I had been a part of, and think to myself, I really hope I get to see these ladies again. They deliver their talent with such heart, so naturally, it's inspiring, and raucous and makes you wish you could rip like that too. Alas, I am not one of the leading rock guitarists of the 21st Century, but I can hope that the things I'm passionate about come out of me with the same amount of gusto. 

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