Friday, March 25, 2011

Wye Oak

If you really want to know how this show was, check out Wye Oak Live on NPR. But if you're just here for me, then please continue... First of all, this was Night Three of show going, and followed seeing Wild Flag the night before which couldn't be any more different of a band, except for the lead singers both being female. I was feeling less than enthusiastic enough to stand for the whole show, though I'm not suggesting that I wasn't enthused to see Wye Oak, but sometimes you just want to sit, listen and enjoy. Plus, the drinks flow if you sit at the bar. ;)

That said, Wye Oak was incredible. These Baltimore natives lucked into a sold out crowd and the aforementioned live feed on NPR. The new album Civilians is top notch, and the performance was too. Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner are a happy and talented duo who manage to make their often sad and heavy-layered sound echo across the crowd to create a serene environment. Jenn's voice is oddly deep for seeming somehow light as air. She makes lyrics like "I can't sleep until I see you sleeping/Curse my mind and its all-seeing eye" feel like you might have to hold your breathe and hope someone finds some rest or you too might not sleep for days. An beautiful show, filled with sorrow, hope, love, life and all that floats in between. 

The only part of the show I didn't appreciate was when I spent most of the night with a seemingly nice and flirtatious gentleman who let me leave without even the slightest hint of interest. Must be one of those douche bags who goes out and hits on girls but secretly has a wife and kid at home. But that is neither here nor there in terms of the performance and I dare anyone say they didn't have a good time. 

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