Tuesday, May 6, 2014

[SoftD] - 'Would?' - Alice in Chains

Today's Song of the Day (SoftD) is brought to you by Alice in Chains. Inspired by The AV Club's coverage of Jar of Flies, I brought 'Would?' back out of its sleepy place in my brain for today. This dramatic, hypnotic, and dare-I-say-sexy song closes Alice in Chains 1992 album, Dirt.

I was completely preoccupied with the rest of the grunge scene, listening to Nirvana and Pearl Jam mostly, and not quite into this kind of metal yet, so it took the movie Singles to get 'Would?' into my heart. I had seen Alice in Chains on MTV before Cameron Crowe forever implanted them in my canon, but the truth is, without that movie, I never would have explored them further. I have owned Singles on VHS and DVD, as well as the soundtrack on tape and CD - worn out and purchased again on both occasions. Truly a musical awaking for me.

Anyway, between Singles and Reality Bites, my precocious, romantic heart couldn't wait to get into my 20s and find my own true love. Seeing Steve and Linda meet at a truly amazing show in Seattle was like the coolest thing that could ever happen. I knew that was my destiny. That or marry Ethan Hawke. Note: Neither happened. Oh well.

This is a terrible pick up, but it makes Steve all the more adorable later when he and Linda fall in love. Plus,  we get to see amazing insight into Cliff's character. Please enjoy.

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  1. Awesome. Just watched reality bites the other day.